Euresis Journal is a multidisciplinary, online, open-access journal edited by the Euresis Association under the auspices of the CEUR Foundation, whose main scope is to promote, at an academic level, an understanding of science as a fully human pursuit, rooted into the universal human quest for beauty and meaning. This novel journal stems from the wish to provide an opportunity to share with the largest number of people the experience of the conferences and workshops that are part of the activities of the Euresis Association. Starting with the sixth issue of EJ, out in Winter 2014, every year we will produce an independent, thematic issue of Euresis Journal, open to contributions from scholars and scientists at large.


Current Issue:

"Quantum mechanics and the nature of physical reality"

2014 March

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The sixth issue of Euresis Journal, dedicated to Quantum Mechanics, inaugurates a new series of yearly publications of thematic volumes that are independent of the San Marino Symposia organised by the Euresis Association and is therefore open to contributions from scholars and scientists of all discplines. Check out below the list of contributions to this issue and submit your paper to EJ by emailing us at


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