Music: a friendship between humans and time


Roberto Andreoni

Conservatorio di Musica N. Piccinni, Via Cifarelli 26, 70, 124, Bari, Italy.


Euresis Journal, volume 7 (2014), pages 111-122

Thousand os years of philosophical debate as well as our direct experience, seem to confirm that music is one of the fields of human expression that suceeds at managing time as a friendly platform. Human being of all cultures have always experience the sounds of music as pelasent ordering factors of many time-related aspects of their existence and activities. Yet, music seems to convey such a simplifying power while revealing its own complex, multi-layered structures that ramify accross cognitive, psychological, physical and intellectual territories. The analysis and acquaintance with these simultaneously interacting layers of comaplexity, despite all possible applications of modern technologies, have not overcome an ultimate sens eof mystery that remains within, about and around the phenomenon of musical time. It is a friendly mystery, though, that exceeds the accoundting of its own components but still allows music to remain a trustworthy, healthy companion to each person’s lifetime.