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 DEBATES/ Euresis Journal: Science, Reason and Truth

November 2013. The Editors of Euresis Journal, Ulisses Barres de Almeida and Juan Rojo present the fifth issue of the electronic magazine to the online newspaper, with the title “Science, Reason and Truth": a multidisciplinary debate approached from multiple angles. Check here for an Italian version of the article.


 Announcement Letter - Volume 5 - "Science, Reason and Truth"

November 2013. This week, the fifth issue of Euresis Journal was published online, this time presenting the proceedings of the 2007 San Marino Symposium on the theme of "Science, Reason and Truth." The volume is freely accessible online from The full list of contributions to this volume include:


* Science, reason and truth. An interdisciplinary engagement. Marco Bersanelli, Charles Harper and Peter van Inwagen

* The shifting aspects of truth in mathematics. Enrico Bombieri (Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton)

* The given as gift: Creation and disciplinary abstraction in science. David Schindler (Catholic University of America)

* Wonder and knowledge: scientific investigation and the breadth of human reason. Marco Bersanelli (University of Milan)

* Philosophy, politics, and objective truth. Peter van Inwagen (University of Notre Dame)

* The nature of the laws of physics and their mysterious biofriendliness. Paul Davies (Arizona State University)

* God’s order, man’s order and the order of Nature. Nancy Cartwright (Durham University)

* The "revolution" of Plate Tectonics in earth sciences and the relationship between science, reason and truth. Xavier Le Pichon (College de France)

* Limitations on our understanding of the behavior of simplified physical systems. Harvey Friedman (Ohio State University)

* Narrative and the knowledge of persons. Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis University)

* The European enlightment and the age of reason. Keith Ward (University of Oxford)

* Self-trust and the natural desire for truth. Linda Zagzebski (University of Oklahoma)

* The search for truth in science and theology. Peter E. Hodgson (deceased)


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